Refund Policy

Fee once paid to the Ignited Minds LIVE will not be refunded in any circumstances, except in case of the duplicate payment made by the users.

You reqire stable internet to watch the Live Classes and Videos on this App. The internet speed should be 1.5 MBPS or above to glitch free experience. In case the internet speed is less than 1.5 MBPS or the internet connection is not stable, the institute shall not be responsible for any bad experience.

Back up videos of the live classes can be seen 5 (five) times by the aspirants.

The aspirants are not allowed to share their Username and/or Password with others. Any intentional violation of this by the aspirant may result into the deletion of the account by the institute with immediate effect without any refund of the fee.

If you have enrolled in the Mains batch and have opted to pay the fee in the installments, the management of Ignited Minds has rights to stop the Live Classes in case your remaining installments are not paid on time.

There is no provision to pay the fee in the installments in case you are opting for the Modules in the Mains Batch